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Lyrics for Seduced By Shadows
(Download the single at http://tinyurl.com/seducedsingle)

Tore through weakness I shoulder
Curse written on me
Pattern unique and exposing intricacy
Seduction in the shadows
Ferales coming in
The demon is bonding
With the host born again
Feels so good
There’s no pain
I accept it and it takes
This wasn’t what I was thinking about
Laughing sounds, they are dying down
This was a mistake
Desolator numinis
Djinn seeks the end
The web of souls is tearing
Rupturing the veil
Clever is the blackbird
Malice coming in
The demon’s redemption
With the host to war again
Feels so good
When you say yes
I accept it and it takes
Dead eyes alive
Eternal the war
Forever tonight
Don’t play anymore
Mark is the shame
Longing for soul
Dead eyes alive
Dead eyes are mine

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