“Armed with only an acoustic guitar and more than an empty guitar case’s worth of vitriol, Rainstick Cowbell makes searing music that’s intensely personal.” —Portland Mercury

This summer, Rainstick Cowbell emerges again from his Portland, Oregon, basement studio with new songs of bitter experience and speculative hope.  Drawing from the same creative well as Joe Pug, M. Ward, Billy Bragg and Woodie Guthrie, Rainstick Cowbell crafts a tight and urgent message for conflicted times.

After the bite and sting of his 2009 debut full-length album, fireants, and the 7” vinyl, Yeah, It Hurts, Rainstick Cowbell focuses his passion-driven acoustic riffs and intensely melodic voice on a new recording. This second full-length album is set for a late-summer release with an autumn European and Pacific NW tour.

RSCB has played before pantheistic crowds, from the Polish Parliamentarian who sponsored his Zabrze concert to the punks at Portland’s iniquitous Satyricon night club.  Born in the lowlands of Mississippi and after a childhood in cities spanning the arc of the Gulf of Mexico, he wandered across the country to set roots in Oregon.  Now he harmonizes with the vibrant Northwest indie music scene, sharing his “distinct voice set to pissed-off…the message as important as the melody…” —Terrascope.co.uk

The 2010 release launches with the single, Seduced By Shadows, inspired by a romance novel of demonic possession.  The MP3 is available for download at http://tinyurl.com/seducedsingle.

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